Rider Aware as seen at the Cranbourne GP Run - 26 October 2019
  • Raising awareness of motorcycles on the roads

    Small powerful stickers to make all drivers aware of riders

  • Small powerful stickers to make all drivers aware of riders

    All it takes is to “look twice, save a motorcycles life”.

Rider Awares aim is to make car drivers be aware of motorcyclist.

All too often we hear about the devastating effects of motorcycle trauma on our roads. Bikers are often hard to see and drivers find themselves struggling to notice, or even remember to look for these vulnerable members of our society. Too many of our loved ones are faced with these dangerous situations resulting in injury, and even death.

In the last decade, Australia has lost a staggering 2392 lives on our roads in motorbike related incidents.  In 2019, 151 deaths on bikes have occurred until September*. This is more than a statistic or number; these are real people and real families whose lives have been forever changed by the tragedies occurring on our motorways. However, not all accidents are fatal, but result in thousands of individuals and families struggling with injuries, treatment, rehabilitation, financial and emotional support.

‘Rider Aware’ has stemmed from our innate desire to keep our roads safe for everyone to utilize.

This small, yet effective car stickers serves as a simple reminder to always double check for motorcyclists, especially when changing lanes. Overall, we are aiming to ensure that your family and friends can arrive home safe and sound.

We have the power to make a change, and by sharing, supporting and promoting the Rider Aware vision we strive for unwavering safety on our roads, for everyone.

All it takes is to “look twice, save a motorcyclist life”.

* Data provided from https://www.bitre.gov.au/statistics/safety/fatal_road_crash_database.aspx

Look twice, save a life stickers